Our Why: Supporting Those Who Care for Minnesota’s Children

According to the Department of Human Services, an average of 185 children go into foster care each week in Minnesota. In 2020 alone, thousands of foster and adoptive families across the state opened their homes and hearts to more than 13,400 children and young adults who experienced out-of-home care. On an average day, there are approximately 8,600 children and young adults in care. As of October of 2021, 641 Minnesota children need adoptive homes immediately.

There have been tremendous challenges in foster parent retention with a concerning turnover rate for new foster parents of up to 50% in the first year who decide not to continue. Each move or disruption to a child’s placement has adverse consequences on their health and education with only about half of the children in foster care graduating from high school and less than 3% going on to graduate from a four-year college.

Family foster homes and adoptive parents are urgently needed with most counties and tribal agencies facing crisis in desperately seeking prospective adoptive parents and families to be licensed to care for Minnesota’s children. Many real and perceived barriers stand in the way of loving individuals and families considering the commitment of becoming or continuing as foster or adoptive parents. Our work focuses on removing barriers and providing solutions so that there is an abundance of foster and adoptive families well-supported to provide safe, nurturing homes that are paramount to the success and stability of children in care.


Standing to empower foster and adoptive families by providing whole-family support to meet immediate needs and by being a voice for change.


Transforming the lives of children in care, communities are unified in their commitment to ensure foster and adoptive families have access to inclusive advocacy, supports, and resources.


Inclusive Collaboration

Our strength comes from diverse voices and perspectives working together and relationships built on a foundation of trust, respect, and openness.

Compassionate Support

We have an unwavering commitment to providing empathetic and responsive services to all Foster and Adoptive Families.

Empowering Encouragement

We show up as real and vulnerable human beings who speak from the heart and honor the experiences and contributions of others.

Authentic Leadership

We inspire growth and innovation through continuous learning and generosity.

Transparent Accountability

We stand by our word and do the right thing, acting with the utmost sincerity and integrity.