Legislation Updates

A Voice for Change

The driving passion of MNFAF is to empower foster and adoptive families to be a “voice for change.” How do we do that? We organize and support foster and adoptive families to make change through legislative advocacy—by working to change the laws. In short, we know how to lobby! We know how to draft legislation, do research, and make problems solvable through legislative action. We know the legislative process. In fact, we are registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a ‘lobbying organization.” But we need your grassroots support because you live with the problems we try to solve. By teaming up with MNFAF, you can lend your voice to make powerful and meaningful changes in our foster care system. We need you to help us identify problems and concerns facing foster and adoptive families. We need you to help us reach out to your state legislators to ask them to support our legislative goals by writing letters, making calls, and meeting with them in some cases.

This legislative session, MNFAF is working to pass a law that would mandate child protection agencies provide foster families with social security numbers of foster children who’ve been in their care for over 6 months. These children are your “dependents” under IRS Tax rules. You have the right to claim them on your taxes, which will have a substantial impact on your family income (by lowering your taxes), thus enabling you to do what you really care about – caring and loving for abused and neglected children.

To help us get this law passed, please find out more below.

MNFAF is always advocating for foster and adoptive families. Other bills that we are supporting and pursuing are listed below:

Bill MN HF1778 – Adult adoptee access to their own original birth records and other adoption-related information governing provisions modified.

MNFAF own, Kelly Wolle, was interview on WCCO about a bill at the State Capitol that would help compensate local families who take in foster children. Listen to it now by clicking here.

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